Multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Pierre Guilloux aka Pierro Lunaire is a nomad producer. He travels the world to seek inspiration from its different musical cultures, fascinated by their immense diversity.  Each culture has its own unique sound universe and philosophy: unique traditional instruments, an original repertoire, a different social role… 

 With the aim of making a place for traditional music within the world of contemporary electronic music, he uses the latest technologies and production techniques to explore their creative potential normally limited to the acoustic register. 

 Pierro Lunaire’s music is an invitation to open your mind to the music of our ancestors from a modern perspective, taking you on an unprecedented cultural journey through time and space. 

 With each expedition comes an album revisiting the regional repertoire. Pierro Lunaire immerses himself into the heart of a culture, collaborating with local artists to create music that respects tradition – in its characteristics and instrumentation – in order to preserve its identity.

 His debut EP “Cuentos de Granada”, released in September 2023, was produced after a trip to Granada in Andalusia. This EP explores 4 flamenco sub-genres, mixed with electronic music influences. 


 Pierro Lunaire’s debut EP “Cuentos de Granada” explores the world of flamenco through the prism of electronic music. 

Developed after months of immersion in Andalusian culture in Granada, this EP was crafted and recorded with local artists to deliver an authentic version of flamenco. Blended with underground electronic music influences such as techno and acid, the result is a music hybrid that will take you on a journey where tradition and modernity blend together to provide a unique flamenco experience. 

 “Cuentos de Granada” features 5 tracks revisiting 4 great flamenco palos: Rumba, Solea, Buleria and Tango (see the “EP deconstruction” section for more info).


Click on the image below to enter the world of Pierro Lunaire through these 10 chapters that describe some of the key episodes of his experience in Granada. These stories offer an alternative vision of modern Andalusia, while giving the reader a better understanding of the artist’s creative process and his journey to the completion of his EP.

EP deconstruction

 Click on the image below to find out in detail how “Cuentos de Granada” was made. For each track, you’ll find a presentation of the flamenco style featured, the artist’s personal experience with it, his creative approach and a more in-depth description of each element present in the piece.


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